Instrument builder Don Buchla is one of the pioneers of electronic musical instruments, in the early 1960's he designed and built one of the very first modular synthesizers, the Series 100 Modular Electronic Music System. Ever since he has continued to break new ground in the field of electronic musical instruments. In 2004 Don Buchla announced that he was going to produce a new line of modular synthesizers, the 200e series Electric Music Box.
Don Buchla's instruments are distinguished by having excellent sound quality, high functional density, a high level of controlability and a vast array of innovative features not available elsewhere. The 200e is Johan Boberg's primary instrument.

Here is a simple example of what the 200e can sound like.

Buchla 200e / Johan Boberg Photo: Sören Runolf

Don Buchlas Lightning II is a very versatile MIDI-controller. Johan uses it live to control stuff and look cool at the same time...
Johan Boberg with Lightning wands Photo: Ida Lundén

The EMS Synthi A is a very organic electronic instrument. Not so much for it's features but from its design and construction, flaws and all. It is very inexact and unintentionally random. It complements the 200e in many ways. The user interface is excellent and it is great fun to use. It was sold to finance further expansion of the 200e, but many of Johans pieces has sounds from the Synthi and more is on the way.